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Atlas of Middle Ear Surgery 1st Edition

Packed with clearly labeled, full-color drawings on every page, Atlas of Middle Ear Surgery guides readers through the most common and innovative surgical procedures used to manage middle ear pathology. The authors, experts in this technically demanding field, begin by providing practical background information on surgical anatomy and pathophysiology followed …

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Current Topics in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Middle Ear Surgery: Recent Advances and Future Directions 1st Edition

This timely book focuses on the latest techniques and developments in the complex field of middle ear surgery, and covers advances in stapes surgery; cholesteatoma surgery; implantable hearing aids; and more! Written by leading worldwide experts, this book provides informative, illustrative coverage of middle ear surgery.   Editorial Reviews From …

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Middle Ear Surgery 2006 Edition

This comprehensive, richly illustrated textbook provides a systematic approach to frequent otological operations.   Procedures in surgery of the ear canal, acute and chronic middle ear diseases, otosclerosis, cochlear implantation and vertigo are visualized step-by-step to acquaint the beginner with proven surgical repertoires.   The book is written by two …

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