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Nuclear Cardiology: The Basics: How to Set Up and Maintain a Laboratory (Contemporary Cardiology) 1st Edition

The first comprehensive guide to establishing and running a well-organized and state-of-the-art nuclear cardiology laboratory. Topics range widely from basic questions on purchasing equipment and determining space requirements to such day-to-day problems as scheduling patients and deciding what to tell them prior to arriving in the laboratory. For operational basics, …

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Basics in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Basics in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty “Basics in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty” is a comprehensive compilation of basic steps to be regimented before, during and after primary hip and knee reconstruction in arthritic patients. Often this information is scattered and difficult to acquire even after exploring Internet and multiple references. …

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Radiology 101: The Basics & Fundamentals of Imaging Fourth Edition

Radiology 101 is a popular introduction to radiologic anatomy, the imaging manifestations of common disease processes, and what imaging studies to use when. The first section addresses basic principles of the various imaging modalities, while the second section deals with imaging of body regions plus, contains a chapter on nuclear …

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ECG from Basics to Essentials: Step by Step 1st Edition


ECG from Basics to Essentials: Step by Step 1st Edition This brand new guide assists students, interns and residents in developing a functional understanding of the set-up, workings and interpretation of ECGs Step-by-step graphics and short, bite-sized explanations Covers all major cardiac abnormalities including hypertrophy, arrhythmias, conduction blocks, and pre-excitation …

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