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Modern Ophthalmology 3 volumes 3rd Edition

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Modern Ophthalmology 3 volumes 3rd Edition ebook

Modern Ophthalmology

Modern Ophthalmology is the first Indian text of its kind which has contributors spread over a number of disciplines and specialties highlighting the recent trends on the subject. The chapters written on selected topics have been contributed by ophthalmic clinicians, surgeons and research scientists most of whom have dominated the national and international scene of ophthalmology, making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge. The text has been supplemented by other non-ophthalmic teachers and research workers such as pathologists and geneticists who have been contributing to the world literature in their respective specialties. Almost each of the eleven sections of the book covers the topics over several chapters; the contributors have attempted to give a broad view of the topic to the readers, keeping brevity and clarity of mind in a comprehensive and lucid manner. The book has been profusely illustrated with original black and white and color photographs, supplemented by clearly drawn line diagrams wherever required. The text, which is replete with generous bibliographic references, is also aimed to serve as a foundation/resource book for the research workers engaged in different specialty areas of ophthalmology and other interdisciplinary subject areas. The book strives to serve as a handy basic text to the postgraduate students in ophthalmology. Also, the chapters have been structured so as to make the text a storehouse of knowledge and an excellent resource book for the practicing ophthalmologists and clinicians enabling them to sharpen their diagnostic, clinical and surgical skill in handling ophthalmic cases.

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