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Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 4th Edition

Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 4th Edition PDF Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 4th Edition ebook This pioneering book, now in its fourth edition, presents the cutting-edge developments in pediatric nuclear medicine. Thoroughly revised and updated, it retains the fundamentals that anchor the book’s distinguished reputation and includes …

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The Practice of Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine

The Practice of Internal Dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine Written by one of the world’s leading experts in the field of nuclear medicine dosimetry, this text describes in detail the use of internal dose calculations in the practice of nuclear medicine. While radiation therapy with external sources of radiation always employs …

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Essential Nuclear Medicine Physics 2nd Edition

Essential Nuclear Medicine Physics provides an excellent introduction to the basic concepts of the daunting area of nuclear physics. Logically structured and clearly written, this is the book of choice for anyone entering the field of nuclear medicine, including nuclear medicine residents and fellows, cardiac nuclear medicine fellows and nuclear …

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PET-CT: Rare Findings and Diseases 2012th Edition

With PET-CT increasingly deployed to diagnose both oncological and non-oncological patients, this, the first atlas of its kind, documents cases that will help practitioners identify rare conditions and results they are nevertheless likely to encounter. From the Back Cover PET-CT is increasingly being employed in the diagnosis of both oncological …

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Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography: A Disease-Oriented Approach

Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography: A Disease-Oriented Approach offers Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine specialists a thorough understanding of the clinical application of PET-CT―a groundbreaking modality that provides a powerful fusion of imaging anatomy and metabolic function. Written with a disease-oriented approach, PET-CT examines understanding, using, and interpreting PET-CT imaging in …

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Pediatric Nuclear Medicine/PET 3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of this classic – considered the standard in the field – reflects the latest advances in PET, SPECT, and oncology. Updated to incorporate cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, it serves as a bedrock resource for physicians whose nuclear medicine practices include children and provides a vast amount of background …

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Nuclear Medicine Therapy 1st Edition

One in three of the 30 million Americans who are hospitalized are diagnosed or treated with nuclear medicine techniques. This text provides a succinct overview and detailed set of procedures and considerations for patient therapy with unsealed radioactivity sources. Serving as a complete literature reference for therapy with radiopharmaceuticals currently …

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Nuclear Cardiology: The Basics: How to Set Up and Maintain a Laboratory (Contemporary Cardiology) 1st Edition

The first comprehensive guide to establishing and running a well-organized and state-of-the-art nuclear cardiology laboratory. Topics range widely from basic questions on purchasing equipment and determining space requirements to such day-to-day problems as scheduling patients and deciding what to tell them prior to arriving in the laboratory. For operational basics, …

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Nuclear Cardiology: Technical Applications 1st Edition

A detailed review of the techniques used in nuclear cardiology This well-illustrated guide offers a comprehensive look at the principles and techniques behind myocardial perfusion imaging, including instrumentation and cameras, general considerations, radiopharmaceuticals, and radiation safety and regulatory issues. Whether you are a physician or technologist, a resident or fellow …

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