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The ECG Workbook 3rd Edition

Many books on ECG interpretation use simulated ECG tracings. Most of the traces that you find in this book are from real people and of the quality that you will be expected to interpret from in practice. There are two new chapters in this third edition that add greatly to …

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Venous Drainage of the Heart

Venous Drainage of the Heart The major cardiac veins draining the heart course in the sulci and accompany the arteries but do not carry the same names. The major veins are the following:  Coronary sinus The coronary sinus is the main vein of the coronary circulation; it lies in the posterior coronary sulcus. …

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Thyroid Hormone Synthesis

The first step in the synthesis of thyroid hormones is the organification of iodine.  Iodide is taken up, converted to iodine, and then condensed onto tyrosine residues which reside along the polypeptide backbone of a protein molecule called thyroglobulin.  This reaction results in either a mono-iodinated tyrosine (MIT) or di-iodinated …

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Embryology of the heart

Basic Heart Development Timeline   Embryonic Folding The disc-like embryo then undergoes a process of folding, in which both the cranial and lateral parts of the embryo fold ventrally (forwards). This brings the heart-forming region to a ventral (frontal) position. The following animation shows the development of the heart tubes …

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