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Algorithms in Pediatrics 1st Edition

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Algorithms in Pediatrics 1st Edition Ebook

Algorithms in Pediatrics 1st Edition

Algorithms in Pediatrics uses an algorithm-based approach to various paediatric disorders. The book is divided into nineteen sections covering all paediatric specialties and sub-specialties, from neonatology, through to haematology and oncology. Later sections focus on other important topics in paediatrics including emergencies in office practice, intensive care, and a final section on paediatric surgery. Every section presents algorithms based on patient history, physical examination, and laboratory studies, using a step-by-step approach. Clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management are also included, with clinical pearls throughout and key points at the end of each section, making this an ideal resource for post-graduates and paediatricians. Key Points Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to a range of paediatric disorders Nineteen sections covering all paediatric specialities and sub-specialities Clinical pearls and key points summary in each section

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