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Endoscopic Spine Procedures

Endoscopic Spine Procedures pdf

Endoscopic Spine Procedures ebook

Endoscopic Spine Procedures

“A well written, insightfully organized text of an advanced surgical  technique that will assist any spine surgeon looking to learn or perfect this  endoscopic procedure.”— –AANS Young Neurosurgeons Newsletter

Endoscopic Spine Procedures combines the vast experience of internationally recognized spine surgery experts and provides detailed coverage of operative techniques for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

This book begins with an overview of the principles of percutaneous endoscopic spine surgery followed by a detailed discussion of applied anatomy, surgical approaches and techniques, and potential complications for the different spine regions. Each chapter contains concise, step-by-step descriptions of the procedures enhanced by clearly labeled illustrations.



  • Bullet-point format enables rapid reference prior to  surgery
  • High-resolution videos — one for every procedure  described in the book — appear on an accompanying DVD
  • More than 600 high-quality illustrations prepare readers for  surgery, including radiographs, full-color endoscopic views, detailed drawings,  and 3-D surgical views
  • Clinical cases demonstrate how to tell the differences  between spine levels and between disease states

This concise technical guide is  an essential resource for neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, interventional radiologists, or anyone involved in the care of patients with spine disorders.

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