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Head and Neck Imaging: Case Review Series 2nd ed

In this study guide for radiologists, Yousem (radiology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions) and Da Motta (radiology and radiological sciences, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions) present case studies for head and neck imaging in the same format as the Oral Boards, with a focus on cross-sectional imaging and some three- dimensional techniques. The cases are organized from simple to challenging and consist of differential diagnoses, cross-references for Grossman and Yousem’s Neuroradiology: The Requisites, and comments. The new edition contains all new cases, images, more on treatment and workups, and topics such as CT and MR angiography, multi-detector CT, and diagnostic and therapeutic image-guided


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Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences

Publication date:11/23/2005

Series:Case Review Series 2nd Edition

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