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Venous Drainage of the Heart

Venous Drainage of the Heart
The major cardiac veins draining the heart course in the sulci and accompany the arteries but do not carry the same names. The major veins are the following:

  •  Coronary sinus
    The coronary sinus is the main vein of the coronary circulation; it lies in the posterior coronary sulcus. It drains to an opening in the right atrium (Figure II-2-43). It develops from the left sinus venosus.
  •  Great cardiac vein
    The great cardiac vein lies in the anterior interventricular sulcus with the LAD artery. It is the main tributary of the coronary sinus.
  •  Middle cardiac vein
    The middle cardiac vein lies in the posterior interventricular sulcus with the posterior interventricular artery. It joins the coronary sinus.
  •  Venae cordis minimae (thebesian veins) and anterior cardiac veins
    The venae cordis minimae and anterior cardiac veins open directly to the chambers of the heart.


                                                                      Venous Drainage of the Heart


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